The Meaning and Significance of God’s Coming on Earth

By Bakampa Brian Baryaguma;; @BBBakampa

This is the meaning, and significance of God’s coming on earth, for mankind, as seen through the festivities of Christmas 🎄, Good Friday, and Easter.

The birth of Jesus Christ, which we celebrate as Christmas, marks the beginning of God’s direct and personal intervention to finally redeem mankind from the jaws and strangulation of Satan, using his device of death 💀, in the grave.

Through sheer deception and outright malice, in the tranquil and plentiful garden of Eden, Satan misled innocent 😇 humanity, into denouncing our divine favor before God, and inheritance in His glory. By causing man 👨 to sin, Satan deprived us of our share and entitlement to partake in God’s righteousness and splendor.

Instead of being benefactors of God’s realm, henceforth we became active participants in Satan’s rebellion against divine authority, sharing, and partaking of his fate and curse of eternal doom, and eventual destruction, at the end of his numbered days of terror and mayhem.

The birth and life of Jesus Christ marks the eventual restoration of our lost rights before, in, and with God, and therefore, our release from the bondage of Satan. Jesus Christ is truly God, descended from His glory in heaven, to live humbly among people – dining, merrymaking, guiding, and grieving with us.

Thus it is said in Isaiah 9:6 that, ‘A child is born to us! A Son is given to us! And He will be our ruler.’ He will be called, “Wonderful Counselor,” “Mighty God,” “Eternal Father,” “Prince of Peace.” Wow 😲! This is incredibly wonderful.

The coming of Christ was an act of grace (undeserved mercy) that we may once again have peace ✌, and life in our supreme Father, God: and that we may have them to the fullest. It’s the eventual restoration of our position before, in, and with God. Once again, we are heirs in divine authority and glory. We are delivered from bondage and destruction. We are literally born anew, with greater vigor, and radiance.

However, there is one condition: we must willfully and voluntarily accept this offer of divine grace, by repenting our sins with, and by Satan. God doesn’t impose it on us. This is because Eve’s and Adam’s decision to sin in the garden of Eden was also voluntary and willful. Satan didn’t impose it on them. And so, we must equally willfully and voluntarily recant, and reject that earlier commitment with Satan, before receiving God’s restoration of our rights. We do this by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

God’s mission is cemented on what is called Good Friday, after Jesus’ arrest, mistreatment, and death 💀 on the cross; where God pays the price for our sins, and so absolves us of any wrongdoing, saves us from suffering any penalty, and by this, we are fully healed and cleansed of all sins.

Hence, the Lord declares by the Prophet Isaiah that, ‘But because of our sins He was wounded, beaten because of the evil we did. We are healed by the punishment He suffered, made whole by the blows He received.’ See, Isaiah 53:5. What an amazing and awesome God we love ❤ and serve!

The divine mission is completed by Jesus’ resurrection from death 💀 on the third day, which we call Easter. Jesus triumphed over Satan’s symbol of eternal damnation – death 💀 in the grave. His triumph 😤 is ours too, because being His diligent followers, loved and taken care of by Him, we share in His victory ✌. We are in Him, and Him in us. Jesus liberated us from death 💀. Like the Apostle Paul said, we were dead in Adam, but now alive in Jesus.

So, we who live in Christ Jesus are not afraid of death 💀 anymore, because our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, conquered it on the cross, and with His resurrection from the grave. We bravely, and gladly receive death 💀, as and when it comes. The grave doesn’t frighten us, because it’s just a transition to eternal glory in heaven, upon Jesus’ second coming, on Judgment Day. We live our restored life in peace ✌, to the fullest extent permissible.

That, dear reader, is the importance of God’s coming here on earth. He came to renew His promises to us, to restore our lost position in divine dominion, and defeat Satan’s wave of terror among God’s beloved people.

If you would like to call upon Jesus Christ in your life, and thereby safeguard your entitlement in God’s divine authority, and glory, please, say the following prayer 🙏, in faith and submission to God:

‘Lord God, I worship, and praise You. I honor and glorify Your mighty name. Thank you 😊, for the gift 🎁 of life. Forgive me for all my sins. I denounce Satan, and declare that from now on-wards, I commit to serve You, and all humanity, in accordance with Your will and direction. I pray for everlasting life, peace ✌, prosperity, and protection, in all affairs of my life. I thank You 😊, for I consider it done, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.’

If you have said this prayer 🙏 with utmost faith in, and submission to God, rest assured that God is with you, guiding you in everything you do. He will heal all your ailments – physical, emotional, or otherwise. He will supply all your just needs. And He will watch over you jealously, like a shepherd tending to his flocks. But remember to keep praying 🙏, believing, and trusting Him unceasingly. He is ever present, even in the worst of situations. Call upon Him, and He will surely answer, and be there for you.

God bless 😊 you, dear reader. Thank you 😊, for being my friend, and most importantly, for being God’s friend. Cheers 🍻!


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